Welcome to the Estate and Taxation Planning Council website

Established in Auckland, New Zealand in 1977, the Council has four aims and objectives:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the enhancement of professional skills in asset and income planning.
  2. To encourage cooperation and fellowship between people and groups professionally involved in the process of estate conservation and taxation planning.
  3. To give members a better understanding of how their respective skills can interrelate for the wider benefits of their clients and the general public.
  4. To promote the interests of its members and of the general public through education and professional excellence.


Membership to the Estate and Taxation Planning Council is welcomed from interested individuals from any one of the following disciplines:

• Barristers, solicitors and legal executives
• Chartered accountants and chartered secretaries
• Qualified life insurance advisers
• Qualified financial planners
• Trust officers
• Other associated disciplines

Please contact the Council or any of the Executive Committee regarding membership.

Subscriptions are $115.00 annually and a Member Application may be downloaded from this website.


We hold three breakfast seminars and an evening seminar at Christmas to share knowledge and foster goodwill between members.

The seminars format provides an opportunity to network and socialize with peers in the industry and keep current on topical matters affecting estate and taxation planning in New Zealand.

Executive Committee

You are welcome to make contact with any of the Executive Committee regarding the operation or activities of the Estate and Taxation Planning Council.  The Executive Committee and office holders are:

Lindsay Pope (President)
Gary Fitzpatrick (Immediate Past President)
Vicki Ammundsen (Vice President)
Robert Knox (Treasurer)
Phil Ison
Greg Moyle 
Philippa Smith Lambert

Life Members

Des Trigg

ETPC University Prize Winners

Hannah Baker – Massey University
Scott Bersten – Massey University
Nathan Smith – AUT

Rick Willams – Massey University
Hongze Yao – Massey University
Thomas Parker – Massey University
Julie Cleaver – AUT

Stella Gu – AUT
Deborah Nesti – Massey University
Harish Negi – Massey University

Mark Patton – Massey University
Stephen Redwood – Massey University
Tessa Whale – AUT

Joshua King – Massey University
Chris Martin – Massey University
Katie Creagh  – AUT