Resources / Handouts

Jul 2020  Topical Tax and Trust Issues Denham Martin Lawyer

Apr 2020 Vicki Ammundsen – Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law

Apr 2020  Executing and Witnessing Important Documents in Self-IsolationHenry Brandst-Giesen – Dentons

Nov 2019  Art and Existence Paul Baragwanath – Director, ARTTFORM Studio

Sep 2019  Review of the Relationship Property Act Usha Patel Barrister & Mediator

Mar 2019  Tax Planning in a Changing NZ Tax Context Denham Martin Lawyer

Sep 2018  Notes from guiding clients in succession and transition presentation

Sep 2018  Guiding clients through intergenerational succession & transition events Evana Lithgow Working Minds

Jul 2018  The family business succession planning conundrum Henry Brandts-Giesen Kensington Swan

Mar 2018  Estate planning case study with Lindsay Pope Trustee Support (no handout)

Dec 2017  Investment update with Brian Gaynor – Milford Asset Management (no handout)

Sep 2017  Managing capacity issues from an advisory role  Andrew Steele & Catherine Atchison – Martelli McKegg

Mar 2017  Notes from Estate Planning Emerging Issues presentation

Mar 2017  Estate Planning Emerging Issues  Lindsay Pope – Trustee Support & Vicki Ammundsen – Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law

Nov 2016  Meeting the challenges of growth  Peter Clark – Auckland Transport

Sep 2016  Notes from Foreign Implications for NZ Domestic Trusts presentation

Sep 2016  Foreign Compliance – Trust Checklist  Lee Harris – Turner Hopkins

Sep 2016  Foreign Implications for NZ Domestic Trusts  Lee Harris – Turner Hopkins

Jul 2016   Notes from Money Laundering presentation

Jul 2016   Money Laundering  Carolyn Cody – Financial Intelligence Unit, NZ Police

Mar 2016   Notes from Generosity Coming of Age presentation

Mar 2016   Generosity Coming of Age   Geoff Clews – Barrister; Chair Auckland Communities Foundation

Nov 2015    Investment Update   Brian Gaynor – Milford Asset Management

Sep 2014   Trustee Governance & Corp Trustees   Vicki Ammundsen – Vick Ammundsen Trust Law

Mar 2013   AML – CFT   Guy Burnett – Internal Affairs presentation

Mar 2013   AML – CFT for Trusts   Bob Welsh – FMA

Sep 2010   Tax – A Changing Landscape   Iain Craig – BDO Auckland

Dec 2007   Preparing for the Future   David Skilling – The NZ Institute

May 2006   Changes to the Treatment of Offshore Investments   Iain Craig – BDO Auckland